BOMG Book Review: Company Town (Madeline Ashby) @torbooks

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In the near, but distant future, Hwa is one of the last people in her community without any genetic or bio-engineered enhancements. Starting as a bodyguard in with the United Sex Workers of Canada and moving up the ranks as the personal bodyguard to the child of the wealthiest family around, Hwa is forced to question everything she knows when a series of interconnected murders begin to plague their community. Company Town, by Madeline Ashby, was an interesting read.

As a Canada Reads contender (and a choice for my book club), this novel intrigued me. I had heard so many things about this book, so, even though it was completely outside of my comfort zone, I purchased this book and dove in.

I really loved the general concept of this one and the beginning. The female protagonist was awesome; totally kick ass. I was sucked right in. However, after the initial points in the novel, the execution just baffled me. Mind you, I don’t read a whole heck of a lot of fantasy/sci-fi novels, but I found that the jargon became confusing and the storyline left me feeling lost. I feel like maybe it was because I couldn’t fully connect due to all the vocabulary and the plot format. For example, when her mother spoke there were no quotations. This made some dialogue hard to follow.

The end of this one was right over my head; I had some ideas of what could have happened but I feel like I didn’t get a true resolution.

I think sci-fi fans will eat this one up, but, for me, it was Hwa that kept me reading until the end.

3 thoughts on “BOMG Book Review: Company Town (Madeline Ashby) @torbooks

  1. It does sound interesting. It is too bad that there were issues with this one for you. I think the lack of separation between dialog and regular text would also be a huge hang up for. I cannot help but wonder why this decision was made on the author’s part. Was there something that set the mother aside from everyone else?


  2. I was interested in this one when the Canada reads list came out, but I also don’t read much science fiction or fantasy so I haven’t picked it up yet.

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