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Thrilled to be welcoming you to my stop on the Last Witness blog tour. As a self-proclaimed ‘Aria Addict’, I am looking forward to sharing my review with everyone!

Last Witness, the second book in the Wrong Number series by Carys Jones, was one of my most anticipated reads this spring. I had read Wrong Number last year and was completely sucked into its fast-paced plot and easily digestible narrative. Carys Jones does not disappoint in her follow up!

The second book opens where the first left off, which makes it a little difficult to pick up if you aren’t familiar with the first book. Amanda is escaping the scene of her husband’s (Will) murder with Shane (her ex-boyfriend turned detective) and Ewan (Will’s son).   Amanda, hell-bent on revenge for the life she should have had, becomes obsessed with restoring Will’s honour and protecting his legacy. Going underground into the world of gangs and dealers, Amanda goes deeper and deeper into this dangerous environment and finds herself in danger!  With her feelings for Shane resurfacing and the memory of Will haunting her, Amanda must put everything aside to help keep Ewan safe.

Similarly to Wrong Number, I found the pace of this novel to be right on point. There is non-stop action in this one and twists throughout. In fact, some of the plot points surprised me with how fast they were happening in the novel! I kept checking my page count and thinking “WHOA! THIS IS HAPPENING ALREADY??!” Although slightly predictable in its story arcs, I still found myself on edge several times throughout my reading! This novel packs quite the punch in its pages!!

There were a couple of things I found problematic in this text. For one, it was a little predictable. Secondly, Jones uses a flashback/flash forward type of narrative technique to dive into Amanda’s past relationships with both Shane and Will. I found this quite confusing, as they have no real rhyme, reason or notice to when they are happening. In fact, I wasn’t even sure for several chapters if they were flashbacks or if she was hallucinating. I truly do think it could have been a little of both, but I could see how this would an issue for some readers.

Overall, I enjoyed my reading and found it easy to binge. With a romantic subplot and non-stop action, I think this crime thriller would be the perfect to accompany a crime fan to the beach. Nothing like some rest, relaxation and revenge don’t ya think?

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I received a digital copy of this book through Netgalley; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review!

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