Behind the Blog: Meet the Blogger Series- Jacob from Hooked From Page One @collinsjacob115

Ever wonder about the person behind the blog?  I mentioned back in January (here) that I would be starting a Meet the Blogger series.  This series will feature some of my favourite bloggers as we go behind the scenes and have them answer the questions!

Next up is Jacob from Hooked From Page One!

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Jacob’s blog was new to me when I put the call out on Facebook to any bloggers would like to participate in my feature and I am so glad I discovered it!  Jacob’s reviews are diplomatic and he reviews mostly crime fiction and psychological thrillers (you know I am all about that life!).  Plus, his photo above shows him next to the Hogwarts Express.  Clearly, he’s a good man!

So, Jacob, welcome to Clues and Reviews!

Why did you decide to join the world of book blogging?

I’ve always been an avid reader and family members and friends used to ask me what books I’d read recently and usually they would go out and buy the book on my recommendation. That was always a great feeling. I first found out about the book blogging world through Twitter and that’s what set the ball rolling. I knew I had to join and its been a great community to be part of.

What have been your favourite and least favourite parts of being a book blogger?

I think my favourite part is being part of a wide community of book lovers. It’s great chatting to people on Twitter and shouting about books that we’ve loved. And the least favourite, I think I am starting to feel the pressure now which is partially my fault. I’m always buying books and requesting titles on Netgalley, eventually I’m going to need to convert one of the rooms in my house into a library, it’d be great to have one.

What have been your 3 favourite books to review since you started book blogging?

That’s a really hard question to answer as I have so many favorites. I’ve recently read Fierce Kingdom by Gin Philips and that was a real corker of a read, brilliant tension. Another one of my favourites has to be Close To Me by Amanda Reynolds and finally Quieter Than Killing by Sarah Hilary.

Have you always been a reader? If not, what got you into reading?

I’ve always loved reading. One of the earliest book series I can remember reading as a child was The Magic Key series, Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs and the Horrid Henry books. I used to always be up the library, taking home books every week.

Now the impossible question…what are some of your favourite books?

Another tricky one, I’ve read so many good books recently. I think I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh has to be up there, that twist was brilliant and likewise, Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, that twist knocked my socks off, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Finally, Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary, the first in the DI Marnie Rome series.

Be sure to check Jacob out on his Social Media!

Twitter: @collinsjacob115


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