Top Ten Tuesday: Things on My Reading Wishlist – The Top Ten Things I Want In More Books

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Top Ten Tuesday an original feature that was created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Essentially, for each week the list is a new topic and the feature is designed to share lists with other bookish folks!  I love reading these posts and it’s a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers, so I’ve been taking it on and have been loving it!  Such a nice break from reviews.

This week, the topic is the ten things on our reading list that we want to see more in books (could be a time period, specific types of characters) Basically,  all those things that make you think I WANT MORE OF THIS IN BOOKS!

This topic was easy for me; I am always complaining about what I want more of and what I could do without, so here is my list of the ten things I would like to see more of in my reads.

Narrators Who I Can Trust

Remember when you could read a novel and trust what was happening?  The narrator was creeped out because they should be and they were explaining their scenario as it unfolded with true worry; now, every single character is unreliable.  Call it the Gone Girl effect, but now, it appears I can trust no one in the novels I read.  Even when I am reading a novel with a trustworthy narrator, I still don’t believe them.  I have narrator trust issues.

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Diverse Characters 

I need some more characters that are diverse.  I feel like I continuously read the same book over and over again, and, most often, I picture all the characters as white, straight, men because that is the norm.   I’m over it.  Give me something real.

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Twists Throughout the Whole Plot

I would say a majority of novels I read, have a slow build and then BAM, about 75% of the way through the big secret is unleashed.  However, my favourite novels end up being the ones that twist and turn throughout and keep me wanting to read.

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Scenarios That Are Eerily Realistic

I love anything that is super creepy and realistic.  Cults!  Incest!  Space Travel!  Everest Climbing! Religious Fanatics!  Ritualistic Murders!  Give me those plots!  Anything that is realistic, I am all about.  Serial killers are of course realistic, but there are so many of them, it is hard for them to memorable.

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Women Who Are Kick Ass

This is becoming more prominent in the thriller genre, but still, too often, women are the downtrodden, abused, housewives and the male police officers come in to save the day. BLAH!  Over it.

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Plots That Keep Up The Pace

So many books, especially ones I have been reading lately, have significant lulls in the middle.  I love books that keep their pace strong and steady.  Which brings me to my next point,

Plots That End When They Should

I feel like part of the issue with pacing is that, sometimes, the story is done, and yet, I am forced to read another 100 pages for a random plot twist that doesn’t fit.  I want more books to end organically.

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Plots That Make Up Their Mind

Sometimes, I feel like these multi-genre novels are not making any sense.  I want to read a book that has made up its mind and sticks to its guns.

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Books Where the Wife is the Bad Guy

I want more books where the wife maybe is abusing the husband.  Maybe she keeps him behind closed doors and stages his mental breakdown.  Maybe she has people buried in their backyard?  That would be a real twist for a change!

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Well now that my ranting and raving has subsided, if you have any books that fit the mold of what I want MORE of, please let me know!  I’m all about suggestions!

32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things on My Reading Wishlist – The Top Ten Things I Want In More Books

  1. I had the exact opposite problem with TTT this week (so much so that I actually skipped this week! Ha!) I couldn’t think of anything! I was like “more books with stalkers!!!” And “more epistolary books!!!” And then nothing. 😂😂😂😂

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  2. Great post Sam! I’m not sure I could’ve came up with 10 things but I think I’d like to try top 10 Tuesday sometime. I love the idea of branching out from reviews and I’ve tried several others for fun but not this one.

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  3. A good list – I absolutely agree with you on all these points. If you particularly read the same genre (or some books in the same series even) it really does feel like you are reliving Groundhog Day. I’m all for some more diverse writing! ☺️

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  4. Scenarios That Are Eerily Realistic… these creep me out so badly but I adore them all the same. Also vaguely concerning that you included incest in the list because I’m hoping that’s not realistic most of the time 🙂

    Women Who Are Kick Ass, and women as the bad guy are PERFECT for this week’s top 10. I love when the woman is totally strong and evil and I guess that’s why I’m drawn to Bellatrix Lestrange hahaha

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  5. Great list! I put some of these on my top ten too! I particularly agree with twists. I love a book with a good twist


  6. YES to ‘plots that end where they should’ !! I feel that way about many book and TV series. Finish at the end of the natural story arc and don’t force us into a bunch of meaningless meandering that isn’t tied into the original story lines.. And? Please please please don’t tack a ‘tied up in a bow’ ending on that doesn’t fit the nature of the characters that was presented throughout the book, either. That’s not satisfying at all. I would rather it be something representative of what we’ve seen in the story, even if it’s ambiguous.


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