Book Review: Her Husband’s Lover (Julia Crouch) @thatjuliacrouch @headlinepg

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What a wild ride!

Her Husband’s Lover, the newest release by Julia Crouch, had me confused, on edge and baffled. By the time the plot was unravelled and all the secrets were exposed, I was left in awe of Crouch’s writing ability.   This was a seriously twisted domestic thriller.

The novel opens with Louisa (Lou) struggling after the loss of her children and dealing with her own subsequent injuries after a car crash that also left her abusive husband dead. When her late husband’s mistress, Sophie, begins coming around, pregnant with his child, Louisa decides to move and start over. But it won’t be that easy. Sophie wants what she deserves and, mostly, she wants answers.

I do not want to speak too much about the plot, as I do not want to give anything away, but I will say one thing. Nothing in this novel is at it appears!

The novel is narrated between past and present through both the eyes of Louisa and Sophie. This was such an interesting way for the story to be told; both women believe they are correct and both believe they have been the one who was wronged; what a way to keep the reader guessing! I didn’t know who to side with or who to believe. Two unreliable narrators are absolutely better than one!

Truly, while I was reading, I did feel like this one dragged at times and was a little too long; however, by the end, I completely understood the build up. Everything truly does come together.

If you are a fan of domestic thrillers (think Behind Closed Doors) then I think you will love this one!

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Her Husband’s Lover (Julia Crouch) @thatjuliacrouch @headlinepg

  1. I enjoyed this one but I thought it was super predictable, I don’t know, there weren’t any surprises for me 😦 But I thought it was well-written 😀 Great review!

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  2. This one sounds like it’s right up my alley, and BCD was one of my top favorite reads.
    PS: that’s such a gorgeous photo of the book.

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