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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Rock Beats Paper by Mike Knowles!

Coming at your today with an exclusive extract from this novel!

But before we get to that, here is a synopsis!

A phone call brought Wilson and nine other men to a job in New York. At first, he couldn’t see a way to make the heist work, but the score — millions of dollars in diamonds — kept him looking. Wilson came up with a plan he knew would work . . . until the inside man got killed and took the job with him.

With no way inside, the crew walks away without the diamonds. Alone, Wilson is free to execute the job his way. Wilson sets a con in motion that should run as predictably as a trail of dominoes — except the con doesn’t rely on inanimate tiles, it relies on people.

Wilson pushes all of the pieces across the board only to find out that there are other players making their own moves against him. Everyone is playing to win and no one is willing to walk away because the job is about more than money, the job is about diamonds. And in this game, rocks beat paper every time.

Intrigued?  Keep reading for an extract!


Rocks Beat Paper: A Wilson Mystery

By Mike Knowles 

From Chapter 1 

My plan had been to walk in five minutes after the last man showed up. The problem: the last man never seemed to show. People kept walking up to the townhouse, making awkward introductions, and walking inside.

The eighth man came from the busier end of the street. He wore a wool pea coat and a scarf knotted around his neck. The dark hair pushed back by the brisk March air never lost its shape. Even in the wind it looked cool. He effortlessly shifted his hips and glided around an elderly woman doing her best to keep her grocery cart from tipping over. She forgot about the rickety cart and the wind when she passed the man on the street. The old woman stopped on the sidewalk and turned her head to follow the ass of the much younger man. Through the binoculars, I watched the man’s face as he gave a small wave to the woman he knew was staring at his back. Miles was smiling ear to ear.

I had worked a job with Miles more than two years back. We had made money, but not friends. Miles let the smile dim a few watts as he turned up the path to the door. He knocked and was let inside. There was a handshake, but this one wasn’t awkward; it wasn’t that Miles and the Volkswagen driver were acquainted — Miles just didn’t do anything awkward. I saw Miles’s mouth move rapidly, and suddenly the host seemed uncomfortable. He directed Miles with a wave of his hand and closed the door.

I checked my watch as I unbuckled my seat belt. The numbers were unusual, to say the least, but nothing else read as dangerous. I got out of the car and felt the cold spring air collide with my exposed neck. I ignored the chill and checked the street for traffic before walking to the other side. I angled my approach and stepped up onto the sidewalk a few feet from the path Miles had taken a few minutes before. No one watched me from the windows as I walked towards the house. I stopped at the door and checked the street again before knocking twice. Half a minute later, the door swung open.

“Yes?” Up close, I could see that the host was in the less fun end of his thirties. His stomach pushed against the buttons of his shirt and his belt was just holding on to the last hole.

“I’m here for the meeting,” I said.



The host’s face stretched into a smile that exposed straight white teeth. He extended a hand and gave my own a vigorous shake.

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Excerpt adapted from Rocks Beat Paper by Mike Knowles. © 2017 by Mike Knowles. All rights reserved. Published by ECW Press Ltd.

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