Book Review: The Girl from Yesterday (Kathryn Miller Haines) @Pocket_Books

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Helen, a recovering meth addict, finds herself finally in control of her life. She has a steady job, a boyfriend and attends her meetings religiously.   However, on her thirtieth birthday, everything changes.  A phone call from the police, a dead woman and Helen’s name in her pocket, puts Helen in the spotlight and leads her down a path she has fought hard to move past.

The Girl from Yesterday, the new release by Kathryn Miller Haines, was a suspense thriller that had been on my radar for a few months. Imagine my delight when I was approved for this one via Netgalley!

I really enjoyed the premise of this novel and the general direction of the plot. It had all of the components that I love in a fast paced, psychological thriller. A shady past, an unreliable narrator, tension filled situations and smart, witty dialogue.   When I started this novel, I knew it would be one that I wound hunker down to finish in a few sittings.

This is where I hit a huge snag.

I, however, found the lead character to be incredibly unlikeable. I know that when a character is unreliable, there is always a sense of that general disdain. However, I found Helen to be downright irritating. She continuously made the wrong choices and this made me exasperated towards her than sympathetic.

Overall, this one was an interesting read and I wouldn’t let my pure hatred for this protagonist deter you from picking up this novel; Kathryn Miller Haines is able to write an extremely addicting story and truly does suck you in.

I gave it a 3/5 stars!


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