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The River At Night by Erika Ferencik was a book that I had been seeing continuously receiving rave reviews throughout the blogging community and on Goodreads. After entering into an intense (and downright depressing) reading slump, my blogging BFF, Janel (at Keeper of Pages) suggested I drop everything and read The River At Night.

I sat down, cracked open the first page and two hours later, I was disorientated and baffled by the pure genius that was this book.   I absolutely loved every second.

Without revealing any plot points, the novel opens with Wini going with a group of friends into the wilderness for a “getting back to nature” type experience. As they get deeper and deeper into nature, they find themselves in peril and soon are in a fight for their own survival. I absolutely loved the parallel process that Ferencik took weaving the intensity of the plot and the relationship between the women.    This book was just as much thrilling as it was a character study of female friendships and the bonds of survival.

I often am asked how I keep track of all the books I read. As I read, I often keep a log of my thoughts throughout my reading so I am able to accurately recall details when I go to write my review. I decided to share these notes in my lieu of my regular review so you could get an accurate depiction of the ride that was The River At Night.

Enjoy my rambling.

 Cover: Love this cover.

 Page 2: Oh god, this book is about being lost in nature. Perfect. A nice, relaxing, casual, non-anxiety ridden read about doom in the wilderness.

 Page 3: I’m getting the vibe she doesn’t want to go.

 Page 7: Oh No. She’s cracking! She’s going to agree to go. Don’t do it! Stand your ground, girl!

 Page 8: Well, she agreed.

 Page 12: A 39 item list…for camping? Reason #1200 why this is a horrible idea.

 Page 14: she is eating an oatmeal cookie, now I want an oatmeal cookie (please note: I did indeed end up eating an oatmeal cookie)

 Page 22: Okay seriously? Who had this idea? I’m blaming Pia. I’ve decided I don’t like Pia.

 Page 30:   They keep talking about Wini swimming. My guess is that they are going to fall out of a boat or something and she is going to save the day?

 Page 52. Oh No.

 Page 67: “Don’t do stupid shit and do what I say” – solid rule and should have been the tagline of this book.

 Page 80: I think Wini is going to be my spirit animal.

 Page 92: Aw!

 Page 93: Seriously?!! COME ON!

 Page 94: Yup! For sure I don’t like this!!

 Page 100: This banter is amazing; even though I am waiting for something to happen, I am totally sucked into the relationship between these four.

 Page 110: Rachel is a nurse. I know something bad is going to happen.


 Page 116: uh oh

 Page 120: Okay, it’s all looking up! WE NEED TO CALM DOWN!

 Page 129: seriously??!!

 Page 132: This scene. This woman can write.

 Page 134: I CAN’T

 Page 137: AHHHH

 Page 158: This is an actual nightmare

 Page 159: This book is going to send me into a survival skills Google vortex.

 Page 163: Um what?

 Page 167: This is false, this isn’t good!

 Page 173: Nope!

 Wow.  That was amazing.


As you can tell, this one had me feeling all sort of incoherent feels. And, in case you were wondering, it did send me into a Google “survival skills” vortex.

If you want a read that will keep you on your toes and reading late into the night, then you will want to add The River At Night to the top of your TBR lists. I gave this one 4/5 stars.



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