Weekly Wrap Up: March 31, 2017


Last week, I saw my friend Chelsea (at The Suspense Is Thrilling Me) post her weekly recap and I was inspired to take on this feature! I’ll be sharing general blog updates, my latest Netgalley approvals, my post from the past week and a wrap up of my top “bookstagram” posts.

Keep reading to see what I’ve been up to over the last week!


As I have mentioned several times throughout the past few weeks, I have been toying with the idea of branching out and adding more reviews from other genres in my regular rotation! Although thrillers and mysteries remain my favourite genre, I’ve been feeling a bit of “blogger burnout” so I figured adding something new will help me out! I’ll be adding some chick lit and contemporary fiction (with and without blog tours!).  Do not fear, you’ll still be able to come to Clues and Reviews for your crime fiction recommendations; you might just be able to find something else too!


I have been seriously struggling to get my Netgalley situation under control; I am slowly, but surely trucking away! It seemed like a whole bunch of titles (which were stuck in Netgalley limbo) ended up all being approved at the same time. Don’t worry! I will prevail!



Interview with Author, Christina Kovac (The Cutaway)

Interview with Author, Sherri Smith (Follow Me Down) 

Book Review:  Skitter by Ezekiel Boone

Book Review: Before This Is Over by Amanda Hickie 


Yesterday, I turned 28 (yikes!) so I considered all the book mail I received this week personal birthday gifts!


That’s it for this week!

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Happy Reading!


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