Book Outside My Genre- Book Review: One True Loves (Taylor Jenkins Reid) @tjenkinsreid

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After an EXTREME book slump, I decided to pick up this novel as a cosmic palette cleanser. I needed to get back in my groove.

You know guys, sometimes it’s easier for me to just settle in my doom and gloom where everyone dies and I’m expecting it.

Books like this? My heart can’t take!


The novel opens with Emma, recently engaged to Sam, having her life turned over when her husband, the lost at sea (and presumed dead), Jesse, calls her. He is alive. He is well and he is on his way home. Emma must choose between the man she loved then, her high school sweetheart, and the man she loves now. Emotional and endearing, I found myself completely sucked into the story as Emma must relive her past and question her future.

This was my first experience with a Taylor Jenkins Reid novel, even though I have several on my shelf, and I am happy to say, I’ll be making it a point to read her work more often. I loved her writing style. It just felt real. She was able to capture the uncertainty and uneasiness that Emma was feeling and the desperation of both men.   My only complaint was that I wish Jesse had explained his time away from Emma more; I felt like it was a bit of a cop-out that Jesse “didn’t want to talk about it”.   Nonetheless, by the end of this novel, I was a puddle. Seriously. My fiancé urged me to go read something “with murder in it”.

This one gave me some serious Colleen Hoover and Nicolas Sparks vibes. I feel like fans of these authors would enjoy this one too!

This was the perfect novel to binge and I’ll be looking forward to the next!

4/5 stars.


15 thoughts on “Book Outside My Genre- Book Review: One True Loves (Taylor Jenkins Reid) @tjenkinsreid

  1. A palette cleanse is good sometimes. TJR is one of my favorite authors, and this is my favorite of hers to date. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed it!

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