Blog Tour: The Hell of It All (Bob Kroll) @ecwpress

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So excited to be today’s stop on the blog tour for The Hell of It All: A T.J Peterson Mystery. This novel follows retired Detective T.J Peterson who finds himself re-engaged with a woman from his past and vows to help find her daughter. Peterson is dragged into the underworld of contract killing, money laundering, drugs and prostitution to help find the missing girl. He is into the hell of it all…but will he make it out?

This novel gave me mixed feelings. Let me break it down.

What I Liked:

Setting: This one takes place in Canada; obviously, I love it. I love when I am able to visualize the places in the setting.   The author did a fantastic job at creating this other world where shady things happen and people think it is okay. I was intrigued, and worried, throughout my reading.

The Plot: This one does have a fast paced story, which I am always a fan of.


 What I Struggled With:

Initially, I found myself fairly confused with the characters. This is no fault of the author, as this one is the second in a series. I found it took me a significant amount of time to try and engage with Peterson. I also found there were many characters that I deemed to be irrelevant; I felt like it would have been easier to connect with Peterson if I didn’t have to navigate all these secondary characters.

I also struggled with all the dialogue. At times, this one read like a play. All dialogue. I like to be “shown” what is going on and not “told” if that makes sense.

Overall, I’d give this one a 3/5.

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Thanks to ECW Press and to the author for my copy of this novel; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review!

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