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In a world run by machines, humans are the endangered species. After a devastating war, the robots (known as Hu-bots) have won. Surviving humans have two options; submit or be banished. Six, a young woman, chooses the ladder and soon is a fiery rebel on the run.  With nothing to lose, and a secret weapon that could save humankind, can she unlock the secret that can save her life? Or will she be forced to bow down…forever?

I have been such a sucker for a science fiction thriller lately; first with Dark Matter and then with All our Wrong Todays and now with Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson (out TODAY)!

I have always enjoyed a dystopian novel and this one sort of reminded me of a combination of War of the Worlds meets I, Robot. Between the ominous tone, the short chapters and the phenomenal storytelling that Patterson is known for, I had no issues flying through this book.

 What I Liked:

The Opening Scene: What. An. Opening. This book hooked me immediately.

Graphics: this novel had an incredible feature of adding in graphics throughout; I am always a fan of visuals, especially in science fiction, to help me gain a true sense of the landscape, clothing and what these hu-bots looked like.

Six: I loved the lead character. I am always a fan of a female protagonist and this girl was fierce!

 What I Struggled With:

The Character Names: this is so minor but it really bothered me. All the robots are named ridiculously. I guess they are robots, but still!

If you are a fan of dystopian fiction or a solid sci-fi thriller, you will enjoy having this one in your arsenal! I rated it a 3/5 stars on Goodreads.

 Thanks to HBG Canada and the author for a copy of this book; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

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      1. I have really been missing it lately, I have few books mentally lined up then I think I with give Night Film a try. Have you read that one yet?

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