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I am thrilled to be a stop on the final day of the blog tour for Isolation Junction!

Rose, a mother of two, finds herself stuck in a mechanical life as she suffers, day in and day out, the abuse of her controlling husband, Darren. With 100 reasons to leave and 1000 reasons she can’t, will Rose break free from the isolation junction she has been trapped in?

Isolation Junction: Breaking Free from the Emotional Isolation of Abuse by Jennifer Gilmour was a book that I would normally not feature on Clues and Reviews. This is not a thriller. This is not a mystery. This book is an honest look at abusive relationships. An important topic to be discussed but, be warned, this book could be triggering for some readers as it does discuss one woman’s journey through abuse.

This book was very raw and it is easy to see that the author wrote this one full of emotions. Although a story of fiction, this one is written from a semi-autobiographical perspective and Gilmour writes this narrative completely exposed.  This book will not be for every reader but it is a story of strength and the author should be commended for sharing her story.

I rated this novel a 3/5 stars on Goodreads.

About the Author:

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Local mother and business owner, Jennifer Gilmour, has spent the past eighteen months writing her first novel with the aim of not only raising awareness of this insidious behaviour which brings hidden misery to so many but of bringing about changes at a national level.  A ‘survivor’ herself, Jennifer is well aware that changes to national policies and working practices are needed so that situations in which women (and men) present in emotionally abusive situations are recognised and dealt with appropriately and with compassion. Jennifer believes that particular training needs to be focused on recognising the perpetrators of this behaviour, as often they are very persuasive people who are able to manipulate the services themselves.

Jennifer Gilmour was born and educated in Hull before moving south to attend university. Now happily living in her home city with her husband, three children and a hamster she runs an Internet business (Blissful Gifts and Services) and is a top performing Consultant for Jamberry.




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