Book Review: The Girl Who Lied (Sue Fortin) @suefortin1 @HarperCollins

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 5.43.19 PM.png Erin and Rosin, teenage friends, find themselves torn apart after an accident leaves Rosin’s brother dead and Erin flees town. Now, ten years later, Rosin discovers a secret. A secret Erin has been keeping. And someone must pay for these lies….

The Girl Who Lied by Sue Fortin was a completely different read from the ones I have been enjoying lately. This one is less of a fast-paced, twisting thriller and more of a study in the lengths families would go through to protect their own and an exploration of family dynamics.   I would categorize this as a psychological drama.

The novel opens with Erin receiving an email from Rosin stating she knows her secret. Tensions build as Erin is called home (to County Cork, Ireland) after an accident involving her father.   Rosin immediately zeros in on Erin, harassing her and intimidating her. Once close friends, both women are forced to open old wounds as the story unfolds and sins of their pasts come barreling into the present.

I loved the way the novel was written; it flowed together effortlessly. Both Erin and Rosin narrate the story and, with the help of flashbacks, the plot unfolds. There are not many twists or turns in this story, instead, we have a slow burn as each detail is meticulously drawn out and tension is built.   That being said, even though I was able to guess where the plot was going, this one continued to hold my interest. I found myself furiously flipping through the pages so I could figure out the resolution!

Each character is extremely well developed and comprehensive; the author spares no expense in explaining their family relationships and their backstories.   This could turn tedious for a reader who likes to “get to the point”; however, if you are a reader who likes to become fully engrossed in a character- you will love this! Fortin is able to weave an intricate plot filled with complex, detailed characters.

Overall, if you are looking for an “on the edge of your seat” style thriller, this one will disappoint. However, if you want something slower paced, packing a huge punch, full of family tension and dysfunction, then look no further! This novel is your perfect match!

 Thanks to Harper Impulse, Sue Fortin and Edelweiss for my digital copy.

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