Book Review: Distress Signals (Catherine Ryan Howard) @cathryanhoward

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Adam Dunne is worried sick when his girlfriend, Sarah, fails to return from a business trip in Barcelona.   Days later, when her passport arrives at their home with a note stating “I’m Sorry- S”, Adam realizes that something is seriously wrong and vows to do whatever it takes to find her. As Adam investigates, he connects Sarah to a cruise ship and to another woman, Estelle, who went missing a year prior.   Adam decides to take matters into his own and takes to the high sea to hunt down her perpetrator: a man who has found the perfect hunting ground….


Distress Signals, the debut thriller by Catherine Ryan Howard, had me on the edge of my seat. I read this book in an afternoon; I could not put this one down. Gone Girl on the high sea, this novel had twists, turns, and red herrings aplenty. By the end of this novel, when all of the truths had been revealed, I was in absolute awe of Howard and her ability to weave a story. What a debut!

Adam narrates the novel, for the most part, as he searches for answers regarding his missing girlfriend. Other chapters give a narrative voice to Romain, a Frenchman with a sordid past. As these stories intricately weave together, I was anxious and on the edge of my seat trying to understand how these paths would collide.   I was completely invested in these characters and their plights.

I loved the way Howard was able to roll out the plot; it flowed seamlessly. I had suspicions but had no idea how anything was going to fit or what was truly going on. I knew something bigger was happening but could not understand how any of these pieces would fit together in the end. This is the way a psychological thriller is supposed to feel!

This one gets 5/5 stars from me. Excellent debut and I cannot wait to see what Catherine Ryan Howard will write next!  Mark your calendars my North American friends, this one hits shelves on February 2, 2017!

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17 thoughts on “Book Review: Distress Signals (Catherine Ryan Howard) @cathryanhoward

  1. So awesome when a debut author comes out with a 5 star read especially in the thriller genre 🙂 I say this all the time but I really need to read Gone Girl already lol. Loved that you weren’t able to see what was coming & that it kept you in suspense, as you said that is how it should be 🙂

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