Book Review: Behind Her Eyes (Sarah Pinborough) @SarahPinborough @Flatironbooks #WTFthatending


I finished this book a couple of weeks ago and have needed that much time to process this novel. I have spent countless hours speaking with my book blogging pals saying things like “what the actual hell…” “WTF” and “that ending??!!” And now, after all that processing, I am finally able to talk about Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough.

This one had been trending for months and all people could say was WTF that ending? I, obviously, was more than curious so when I was sent a copy of this novel, I was thrilled. This one had the narrative style of B.A Paris, Peter Swanson, and Gillian Flynn. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and by the end, WTF that ending was right!!

The novel surrounds single, working mom Louise who is in a rut. When she meets a man at a bar, she is upset to find out (after they share a passionate kiss) that he is married, but is shocked to find out he is actually her new boss. She vows to stay away from him and, when she meets his wife, the beautiful Adele, she knows she should stay away. Instead, she and Adele become friends and Louise is drawn closer into their orbit. She begins to learn more about them and, although David and Adele seem to have the perfect marriage, Louise begins to learn about his controlling nature and Adele’s fear.   As Louise works to uncover what is going on, she would never have guessed how wrong something actually is and how far a person would go to protect their marriage’s secrets.

I will not say much in this review because I do not want to give away any second of the plot or the twist that make this read such an all-consuming, addicting page turner.     The plot is meticulously weaved and intricately rolled out until the very moment that Pinborough chooses to drop the WTF bomb and change the entire perception of everything I felt about this book or thought the plot was going. I LOVED IT.  I read a lot of books; I am pretty good at guessing the end of anything I read or at least come kind of close. I have never been so off on any plot in my life.

Do yourself a favour, pick this up on January 31st, read it AND then come back and talk to me about it because I still need to continuously revisit this one.   I consider this one a MUST READ! 5/5 stars.

 Thanks to all my book blogging pals (especially Renee at It’s Book Talk) who sent this one my way when they were finished!




34 thoughts on “Book Review: Behind Her Eyes (Sarah Pinborough) @SarahPinborough @Flatironbooks #WTFthatending

      1. Awesome! I’ve bumped it up on my TBR, so hopefully in the next few weeks. Maybe we could do some kind of discussion on it on both of our blogs? Something like that? I think that’d be cool. 🙂

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  1. I am in the complete minority (actually I might be the only one) but I just didn’t enjoy this book at all😁 It just didn’t work for me but I’m glad to have passed it on to you and that you really liked it!! Great review as always:)

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  2. Sounds really good. I used to read mysteries and thrillers all the time and now I have been venturing out of my comfort zone for the last year and have been loving it. This just might be the book to bring me back to the genre.

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  3. I really enjoyed this too, I recently reviewed it on my own blog in fact. It’s not often that the twist changes your perception of the whole of the rest of the book but this really does, like you say!

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