Book Review: Never Out of Sight (Louise Stone @writercharlie @HQDigitalUK)


Freya has not been the perfect mother; distracted by her own extra-marital affair, she feels she has not been checking in with her teenage daughter, Zoe, as much as she should. One day, when Zoe goes missing, Freya panics. The only way to bring her daughter back is by telling the truth, but when your whole is built on secrets and lies, telling the truth could destroy everything….

Never Out of Sight, the new psychological thriller by Louise Stone (a pseudonym for Charlie Phillips)  is a riveting, heart-pounding, downright delicious reading experience. I finished this novel easily in one sitting.  It became a mix between a classic domestic noir (think The Couple Next Door) and some of the “girl” novels that have swept the book world the past few years (in the aspect of the unreliable female lead). I could not put this book down.

The novel opens with Freya, a successful college professor, in the midst of an affair with her graduate student.   When Zoe, Freya’s teenage daughter goes missing, she calls the police (and her husband) and instantly is forced to lie. After all, if she tells the truth, her marriage- and her job- would be on the line. What harm could come from another little, white lie? Freya narrates a majority of the novel as she desperately searches for her daughter while trying to contain her own secrets.

Stone is able to create some seriously complex characters and, to be honest, I hated them all, but surprisingly, that made me want to continue reading even more! It was like watching a train wreck. Each character and their situation became more complicated than the last and I found myself riveted by their mess.

The novel builds and its grand finale was completely unexpected. I was left in complete shock by the final pages.

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers and want a novel that will suck you in, then look no further, I highly recommend this one. I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads.  Mark your calendars; this one is available on FRIDAY (January 20, 2017)!

Thanks to the publisher (Digital HQ) and the author for allowing me access to a digital copy via Netgalley; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

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