Book Tag: The Secret Life of A Book Blogger

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-6-51-29-amI love to do book tags; it’s such a nice way to get to know other book bloggers (and for people to get to know me!).

I have seen this book tag floating around the blogosphere forever, so, I finally decided I would bring this one to my own blog!

Here we go!

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Book Review: The Forgotten Girls (Sara Blaedel)

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 6.36.05 AM.png

A woman, with a large scar on her face, is found dead in the forest in Denmark. This feature should make identifying this woman easy, but there is no missing person’s report to be found; it is as if this woman had been forgotten. Enter Louise Rick, the new commander of the Missing Persons Department. She will not settle until the identity of the woman is found. As Rick follows her leads to an old state-run mental institution, she comes to find some shocking news. There was a young girl with a scar on her face. This young girl had a twin sister. And both girls have been dead for thirty years.

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Book Review: Stalked (Elizabeth Heiter)

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-7-53-40-amWhen a seventeen-year-old girl, Haley, goes missing, police are puzzled to what could have happened to this all-American girl. Enter FBI profiler, Evelyn Baine. On the surface, this popular teenager seemed to have no enemies but as Evelyn digs deeper, building her profile, she discovers that maybe people around Haley have more to hide and maybe Hailey had some secrets. And one of those secrets could have gotten Haley killed. As Evelyn races to uncover what could have happened to Haley she realizes that maybe the girl isn’t the only in danger…. perhaps Evelyn is too.

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Book Review: The Shuddering (Ania Ahlborn)


A group of friends, including twins Ryan and Jane, gather at a mountain cabin in Colorado for a weekend of fun.   Drama unfolds instantly, as Jane’s ex-boyfriend brings his new fiancé and Ryan finds himself falling for Jane’s friend. As the group deals with their personal issues, something far more sinister in unfolding in the forest. Watching them. As the snow turns to a blizzard, leaving the group stranded, the things in the forest begin to attack, turning the winter blanket of snow blood red and leaving each person shuddering in fear.

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Friday Finds #4: December 16, 2016


I can’t believe another week has come and gone!

Friday Finds is a feature that showcases the most interesting books that I have encountered during the last week and have added to my TBR list on Goodreads.

I saw this awesome feature on It’s All About Books. Apparently, it originated from Jenn at Books and A Beat.   One of my blogging buddies, Renee at It’s Book Talk also participates.

I am constantly adding titles to my never-ending TBR list and I can’t wait to share them with people.

Check out my newest and most wanted additions (or editions?…see what I did there!)

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Book Review: I’m Travelling Alone (Samuel Bjork)

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 6.14.42 AM.png

A six-year-old girl found dead and hanging from a tree in the woods. She is wearing doll’s clothing and has an airline tag hanging around her neck with words reading, “I’m traveling alone”. Enter seasoned police investigator, Holger Munch. He takes it upon himself to motivate the brilliant Mia Kruger, who has been off dealing with her personal demons, back to the force to help on the case.  As they investigate, it soon becomes clear that both Kruger and Munch have a connection to the case; will they be able to stop the perpetrator before another girl is taken?

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Book Review: Witness (Caroline Mitchell)


Rebecca is still living in fear ten years after she testified against her fiancé in a murder trial.   Her bold decision to speak out against him led her to freedom from her abusive relationship, but to Solomon, it was the ultimate act of betrayal.   After spending years in prison, he vows to see revenge on her by setting up a little game. She must witness ten crimes, one for each year he has spent in prison, and she must choose the victims.  Rebecca is forced to the brink as the crimes become increasingly severe, and the victims become closer to home, she must face the past she had hoped was locked away forever…

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My Top Picks of 2016: Books for Your Christmas List


Book wrap up and yearly book lists are some of my favourite blog posts to read!  I love seeing what other people have read and what books they recommend; almost all my book choices come from recommendations be it from friends, other bloggers, or publishers.  Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for my next, great read!

I have only been blogging since September, so this is my first opportunity to participate in a yearly top picks list!   I am so excited.   In 2016, to date, I have read 102 books!  72 of those are ones that I have finished in the few months I have been blogging; needless to say, I am a busy lady and I have had lots of books to choose from.   I decided to narrow them down by these three rules:

  1. Book Must Be Released or Releasing in 2016 in Canada:   There have been several upcoming books that I have read this year (that I know for sure will make my list for next year), but that isn’t fair to talk about some books that everyone can’t get now!
  2. Book Got a 5 Star Rating from Me on Goodreads
  3. I was CRAZY about this book; I found myself being a creeper and trying to make people read it…sometimes against their own free will #sorrynotsorry

Without further ado, in no particular order, here we go!  Get your wishlists ready!!

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Book Review: The Gift (Louise Jensen)

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 6.22.34 AM.pngAfter Jenna falls seriously ill, medical professionals figure she is running out of time; she then receives the greatest gift of all- a heart transplant that grants her a second chance.   As Jenna works through recovery, she begins to have strange dreams. At first, she believes them to be side effects of her medication or secondary trauma, but then she starts feeling like maybe they are something more. Jenna becomes obsessed with learning about her heart donor. Where did come from? How did they die? To Jenna, everyone else knows the answers but no one will talk. As she delves deeper and deeper, searching for the truth, it soon becomes clear that the truth may end up costing her everything: her loved ones, her sanity and maybe even her life….

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