Book Review: Witness (Caroline Mitchell)


Rebecca is still living in fear ten years after she testified against her fiancé in a murder trial.   Her bold decision to speak out against him led her to freedom from her abusive relationship, but to Solomon, it was the ultimate act of betrayal.   After spending years in prison, he vows to see revenge on her by setting up a little game. She must witness ten crimes, one for each year he has spent in prison, and she must choose the victims.  Rebecca is forced to the brink as the crimes become increasingly severe, and the victims become closer to home, she must face the past she had hoped was locked away forever…

Witness is an upcoming domestic psychological thriller by Caroline Mitchell.   What an original take on this popular genre! An abusive ex-fiancé, fresh from prison, forcing his former obsession to witness heinous crimes against people close to her?! WHAT! From the first moments, Mitchell captivated me with her prose and I was unable to put this book down!

The novel is told through multiple perspectives. We get a perspective from Rebecca and one from Solomon in the present as the story is unfolding. We also get a perspective through entries from Rebecca’s diary ten years earlier in 2007.   What a unique narrative style! The reader is equally privy to both the manipulation and psychopathic tendencies of Solomon but also the intense fear and paranoia of Rebecca.  The diary entries set the stage and allow the reader “insider” information to the initial abuse that Rebecca endured during her time with Solomon.

The novel is a true nail-biter; I was on the edge of my seat, completely worried throughout my reading. The ending left me flabbergasted! I did not see that coming at all; what a twist!

This was my first experience with a Caroline Mitchell title and it won’t be my last!   If you enjoy a gripping thriller from the domestic genre (think Behind Closed Doors) then you will LOVE this one!  It goes on sale December 20, 2016!

 Thanks to Caroline Mitchell, Thomas and Mercer and Netgalley for allowing me access to a digital copy; it was my pleasure to provide an honest review.

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Witness (Caroline Mitchell)

  1. Great review. I decided to get this book based on a another post in which you had mentioned it. I am definitely glad that I got it.It sounds pretty good and glad to see that you enjoyed it. Great review and thanks for the recommendation.

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