Wishlist Wednesday: December Releases I Am Looking Forward To

‘Tis the season for new reads! December is bringing out a whole lotta books that I cannot wait for their release!   Some of them have already passed (woo hoo!) and others I’ll have to wait until the end of the month, but, either way, I’ll be reading these babies as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

 Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett (Released December 6, 2016)

Publisher: Saxon Publishing


 Description from Goodreads:

A serial killer murdering for kicks. 
A detective seeking revenge.
When the body of a snatched schoolgirl is found in an abandoned biosciences building, the case is first treated as a kidnapping gone wrong. 
But Detective Kay Hunter isn’t convinced, especially when a man is found dead with the ransom money still in his possession.
When a second schoolgirl is taken, Kay’s worst fears are realized.
With her career in jeopardy and desperate to conceal a disturbing secret, Kay’s hunt for the killer becomes a race against time before he claims another life.
For the killer, the game has only just begun…
Scared to Death is a gripping fast-paced crime thriller from author Rachel Amphlett, in a new series introducing Kay Hunter – a detective with a hidden past and an uncertain future…

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this novel, so I am excited for everyone else to be able to read it so I can finally talk about it with someone!  I will also be participating on the blog tour for this one so stay tuned!

 The Gift by Louise Jensen (December 16, 2016)

Publisher: Bookouture


 Description from Goodreads

 The perfect daughter. The perfect girlfriend. The perfect murder? 
Jenna is seriously ill. She’s lost all hope of getting the heart transplant she needs to live. But just as her life is ebbing away, she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie
Who was Callie and how did she die? Jenna is determined to find out. 
The closer Jenna gets to those who loved Callie, the more questions arise about her untimely death. Someone knows what happened to Callie. Why won’t they talk? 
Jenna is about to uncover the truth, but it could cost her everything; her loved ones, her sanity, even her life. 

 I am addicted to the cover of this one; at first, based on the cover alone,  I thought it was a Christmas story but I’m pretty sure I am wrong! My last book I read that was published by Bookouture I LOVED (it was While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft.  If you want to check out my review for that one you can here.)  So I was pretty pumped to see another psychological thriller coming out!

 Witness by Caroline Mitchell (December 20)

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer

 screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-46-57-pmDescription from Goodreads:

To Rebecca it was a brave decision that led to her freedom from domestic abuse. To Solomon it was the ultimate betrayal.
It’s been ten years since Rebecca’s testimony saw Solomon locked away. Enough time for the nightmares to recede, the nerves to relax; enough time to rebuild her life and put the past behind her.
Then one day a phone rings in her bedroom—but it’s not her phone. Solomon has been in her home, and has a very simple message for her: for each of the ten years he has spent in jail, Rebecca must witness a crime. And, to make matters worse, she has to choose the victims.
Fail to respond and you get hurt. Talk to police and you die. Ready to play? You have sixty seconds to decide…
As the crimes grow more severe, the victims closer to home, Rebecca is forced to confront a past she had hoped was gone forever.

The synopsis for this one?  Come on!  It is insanity.  I have been very into the domestic thriller genre lately and this one seems like it will be a twist on that.    I have not read any books by Caroline Mitchell, but I know plenty of people who has and they always speak very highly of her writing.  I was able to access an advanced copy through Netgalley so stay tuned!

 The Twilight Wife by A.J Banner (December 27, 2016)

Publisher: Touchstone

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-46-14-pm Description from Goodreads:

From bestselling author A.J. Banner comes a dazzling new novel of psychological suspense in the vein of S.J. Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep and Mary Kubica’s The Good Girl that questions just how much we can trust the people around us.
Thirty-four-year-old marine biologist Kyra Winthrop remembers nothing about the diving accident that left her with a complex form of memory loss. With only brief flashes of the last few years of her life, her world has narrowed to a few close friendships on the island where she lives with her devoted husband, Jacob.
But all is not what it seems. Kyra begins to have visions—or are they memories?—of a rocky marriage, broken promises, and cryptic relationships with the island residents, whom she believes to be her friends.   As Kyra races to uncover her past, the truth becomes a terrifying nightmare. A twisty, immersive thriller, The Twilight Wife will keep readers enthralled through the final, shocking twist.

I have been hearing about this book for months and it seems like it has all the bones to make a fantastic thriller!  The synopsis states readers of Mary Kubica and SJ Watson will love this book.  I love both of these authors I feel like I will be pleased with this one too!

 The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle (December 27, 2016)

Publisher: Mira

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-45-28-pm Description from Goodreads:

 Even the perfect marriage has its dark side… 

Iris and Will’s marriage is as close to perfect as it can be: a large house in a nice Atlanta neighborhood, rewarding careers and the excitement of trying for their first baby. But on the morning Will leaves for a business trip to Orlando, Iris’s happy world comes to an abrupt halt. Another plane headed for Seattle has crashed into a field, killing everyone on board, and according to the airline, Will was one of the passengers on this plane. 
Grief-stricken and confused, Iris is convinced it all must be a huge misunderstanding. But as time passes and there is still no sign of Will, she reluctantly accepts that he is gone. Still, Iris needs answers. Why did Will lie about where he was going? What is in Seattle? And what else has he lied about? As Iris sets off on a desperate quest to find out what her husband was keeping from her, the answers she receives will shock her to her very core.

What is becoming quite clear is that I am a complete sucker for a domestic thriller.  I can’t help it!  They are so good.  I have been hearing about this quite a bit as well!  I reached out to the publisher and they allowed me access to an advanced copy through Netgalley so stay tuned for my full review on this one!!

Well folks, that wraps up my  Wishlist for this December!  

Do you all have any recommendations for any other books coming out this month that I should be adding to me list?  

Feel free to comment below and help a girl out! 





13 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: December Releases I Am Looking Forward To

      1. Based on her debut and the rumblings I’m hearing about The Gift being even better, I’d say yes!
        I’m hoping to start it this weekend. If it’s anything like The Sister, I’ll have it finished in one sitting because it’ll be hard to put down 🙂

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  1. Read The Gift even better than The Sister, Witness gripping but saving my review for the blog tour, and scared to death a great start to a new series and the marriage lie sitting patiently on my kindle. So you are in for a treat in December hope you get to read them all x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Im almost laughing because we have the exact same taste in books, all this are on my TBR. My request for The Twilight Wife is still pending (since SUMMER!), but I have Witness, The Marriage Lie and The Gift ready ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I have the Gift already. I loved The Sister so I can’t wait to read this one. I didn’t get an ARC of Marriage Lie so I am reading some reviews waiting to see whether to get the book. I just got The Witness so thanks for sharing, it does look great. Awesome post:-) I hope that you will enjoy all these books.

    Liked by 1 person

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