Book Review: Dead Over Heels (Theresa Braun)

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-44-27-amWhat would you do if the ghosts of your past were threatening your chance at happiness? Would you stand idly by? Or would you fight to be with the person who is responsible for your happiness….even if it means confronting old demons?

Dead Over Heels, a short story by Theresa Braun, is a pleasant mix of a crime fiction, chick lit and paranormal thriller. I do not usually like short stories, in my experience; they spend too much time building a plot and not enough time spent on resolution. They don’t allow for character development. This story changed my opinion. Braun gave me exactly what I wanted in this story; well-developed characters, a lot of action and a creepy, concise ghost story with a shocking twist.

For such a short story, it packs a serious punch!

From the first paragraph, I was hooked by this one.  Initially, we meet Veronica. She is your typical, and relatable, woman taking a crack at online dating (and failing miserably). She cancels her account, but fate intervenes and allows one last message to go through. A message from Sebastian.   Veronica and Sebastian meet online and have their first date at a reportedly haunted restaurant; Veronica mentioned in her profile that she has an interest in the paranormal. They have some instant attraction but, while enjoying their meals, they experience a supernatural occurrence.   Veronica is haunted by this and decides she must return to figure out what’s happening. To her shock and dismay, she realizes that she has a connection to these occurrences, as does Sebastian.   Veronica and Sebastian must work together to keep their own past demons at bay.

There were twists and turns throughout the story that were completely unexpected for me. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, especially since it is a short story, but shame on me! Braun led me on a journey will plenty of unanticipated moments. The twist at the end was a complete shock for me!

I am not sure what Braun will come up with next, but I know one thing for sure: I’ll be reading it.

I would recommend this story to someone who wants a quick dip into the genre; you will not regret it!!

Buy this novel on Amazon U.K here, here and on here.  You can also purchase this book, for Kobo, here.

I voluntarily received an e-copy of this book. Thank you to the author, Theresa Braun.


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