Book Review: Good As Gone (Amy Gentry)


Good As Gone, the debut novel by Amy Gentry, is labeled as “a novel of suspense”. I didn’t necessarily find this novel to be the twisty, suspense-filled story that I was expecting but instead found it to be an extremely gripping, shocking and an intense psychological thriller. I really need marketers to stop using the “For fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train” nuance. This book doesn’t need it. It can stand completely on its own- and does this book stand!

Julie, a thirteen-year-old girl, is kidnapped (at knifepoint) while her sister, Jane, helplessly watches from the closet.   The family is shattered but never gives up hope that their daughter could potentially come back to them. Eight years later, the doorbell rings. It’s a young woman, seemingly Julie, finally home safe. Julie’s mother, Anna, is overjoyed; soon after, she starts getting a feeling that something isn’t right. She hires a private investigator and is soon deeply involved in figuring out what happened to her daughter- and if this woman is truly her daughter or an imposter.

Gentry is able to captivate her audience from the first page as she builds up the story and weaves together a plot that is completely shocking.  This novel was completely fast paced and addicting. I could not put it down.  I loved the disjointed writing style; it added to the ambiance of the tale.

I absolutely LOVED the way this book was narrated.  It was actually one of my favourite parts of the novel.   Chapters are alternated between Anna’s first-person perspective as she tries to come to terms with what is happening and find out the truth about her daughter. The alternating perspective is from various women told in the third-person. Told backward and forward in time, this narrative style had me constantly guessing. Are they the same woman? Do they have a connection?   This guessing game had me hooked.

The ending was fantastic. It is not often that I am pleased with the way a book ends; I usually have something to say. Not with this one. I loved the twist. I loved the explanation.

This book is an absolute must-read. Stop what you are doing. Pick up this book.

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