Book Review: Blood Wedding (Pierre LeMaitre)

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Sophie is becoming concerned. When she first began becoming forgetful, she was worried but brushed it off; everyone confuses an appointment or forgets where they have stored something.   But as time progressed, Sophie sank deeper and deeper into bouts of complete confusion and then, eventually, blackouts.   Sophie tries to go about her life the best she can but is suddenly forced to go on the run when her six-year-old charge is brutally murdered while in her care.   Now Sophie must learn to survive, to survive she needs a new identity, and to gain a new identity she will need to trust other. But how can she trust others when she doesn’t even trust herself….

Blood Wedding, by Pierre LaMaitre, is, hands down, one of the most insane pieces of crime fiction I have ever read.   This story has everything that I love in a novel. It mixes domestic and psychological thriller elements, we have an extremely unreliable narrator (think Gone Girl or Girl on the Train) and a plot twist so unexpected that the entire view of the novel changes.

Sophie narrates the story through her first person point of view. She is scared and confused as she experiences blackouts, memory loss, and huge blank spaces. She doesn’t remember having to go places, she misplaces her car and she becomes involved with the police after a shoplifting incident she has no memory of. She is working through it the best way she can until a six-year-old boy in her care is murdered. What is she supposed to do? Fearing what will happen, and her fearing her own sanity, she goes on the run and tries to develop a new life for herself.

LaMaitre writes a completely twisted plot that left me wanting more.  From the first page, I was hooked by Sophie’s plight.  I found myself just as confused as she was throughout most of the beginning of the book. Does she have mental health issues? Is she being framed? It remains completely unclear.  About half way through the book, LaMaitre drops the biggest plot twist of any book I have ever read and the novel takes on a completely different course.  By the end of the novel, I was speechless.  This book is extremely fast paced.  There is really no “down time” for the reader; the action is continuous.  I truly could not put this book down.

I also really enjoyed the translation of this novel.  Many novels that have been translated I find can sometimes be jumbled at times, and rightfully so; however, this was not the case at all with this novel.  The writing flowed easily and I remained completely engaged throughout its entirety.

I will not say anything more, as I do not want to give away any plot points, but believe me when I say, this is a book that you will want to be reading. If you have it on your list, move it to the top and if it isn’t, you’ll want to add it.  While you are doing that, you may as well add his other novels to it as well.  I know I am.

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