Book Review: Bird Box (Josh Malerman)



Reports on the news speak of people going insane; they are becoming viciously violent, killing themselves and others.   First people assume it’s a hoax, but as they become more frequent and impossible to ignore. Something is out there. Something is making this happen. Five years later, Malorie is alive with two young children. They cannot open their eyes; the children have never seen anything outside of their small, abandoned house.   Malorie needs to travel to safety, it’s their only hope, but to do so, they must travel.

They mustn’t open their eyes.

They must listen carefully.

They don’t know what’s out there…

Bird Box by Josh Malerman is one of the most intense and terrifying reads I have read this year.    This one is going to be extremely hard to review; I have so many things to say and so many things I want to discuss but I want to give nothing away! One thing that I can say is that this book is completely laced with tension. The entire time I was reading I was feeling sick to my stomach and anxious; I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Malerman does an amazing job at creating a world filled with suspense and uncertainty.

The novel opens with Malorie, experiencing the beginning of some breaking news stories.   People are experiencing bouts of insanity and violence. First, people ignore this, but then as the stories come closer together and begin to appear closer to home, it is taken more seriously. Rumours fly that the insanity comes after people “see” something. They don’t know what it is. People begin covering their windows and Malory discovers she is pregnant.

The novel is told mainly through flashbacks, speaking of what happens to Malorie and what happens as this post-apocalyptic type world is the norm, and then in present time, following Malorie as she tries to escape.    This type of narration was fascinating.   I loved piecing together the story and seeing how everything unfolded.

Malerman’s writing is brilliant. What he chooses to disclose and what remains unsaid adds to the tension in the story.   Fear of the dark is something that everyone can relate to; your mind play tricks on you, you hear things that don’t exist, your brain runs rampant.  The concept of this book was completely original.

Now I must say, I was a little disappointed in the ending, and from what I can tell; this was a fairly common feeling from others who read this book. Personally, for me, it wasn’t because it was a bad ending, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.   I wanted more of a resolution I think, but truly, with the tone of the novel, the ending did work.

Regardless of my feelings about the ending, I cannot deny that this novel was amazing and I think everyone needs to read it.



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