Book Review: The Apartment (S.L Grey)


The Apartment by S.L Grey follows a couple (Mark and Steph) who are still reeling after a traumatic robbery. As part of their recovery and attempt to move on, they decide to book a trip to Paris and plan to take part in a house swap with a French couple. Upon their arrival, things are not what they appeared and their nightmare begins…

First, S.L Grey is a collaboration between popular horror writer Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg (a fiction writer from South Africa). I didn’t know this when I initially picked up this book so I was pretty excited. Sarah Lotz is an author I have heard so much about and have a few of her books on my shelves so what a pleasant surprise when I found out she was partially behind this book.

Secondly, one of the publishers of this book, Blumhouse Books, is apparently one in the same as Blumhouse Productions. That production company is the one behind horror movie franchises like Paranormal Activity and Sinister.   So, between Sarah Lotz, as part of the authorship and Blumhouse  behind the publishing, I was expecting something absolutely terrifying.

Unfortunately, this novel fell a little flat for me.  Well majorly flat.

The story itself was decent. Man and woman try and escape their traumatic past experience by going on a vacation, their vacation is not what they expect and then weird things begin to happen.   However, the novel read like a movie. Like it perhaps was a screenplay and then turned back into a novel.   As I was reading it, I was imaging how it would look on screen and I’m sure it would have been much more chilling as a screen adaptation.

The Apartment was marketed as a horrifying, psychological thriller with supernatural elements. But, I just didn’t find this novel to be that horrifying.   It had some suspenseful moments, sure, but I didn’t find myself on the edge of my seat and I certainly did not have an issue putting it down.   There weren’t any huge, out of left field twists. Just a typical, run of the mill, haunting.

I did enjoy the simplicity of the final chapter and the mirroring of previous warnings but, other than that, I truly could take or leave this book.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK? Nope. Simple as that.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Apartment (S.L Grey)

  1. yeah i just read it – and its shite

    swear to god Mark was such a creep even before the demon latched on to him – and Steph should have totally just fucked off with Karim. Although I did sort of enjoy Carlas end… it was so obvious throughout the entire book.
    totally agree with you – it was a screenplay turned into a novel, it missed so many details that a novel would usually put in.

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