Book Review: Environmentally Friendly (Elias Zanbaka)


An escaped psychiatric patient, known as “the target”, is armed with a chainsaw, machete, and flamethrower. His mark? Mother Nature As he wreaks havoc on Los Angeles only one police officer can understand his plight.

Elias Zanbaka’s short story, Environmentally Friendly, is completely different from anything I have read lately.

From the first page of the story, the reader is sucked directly into the action and lands smack dab in the middle of chaos.   This thriller is extremely fast paced and packs a lot of punch in the short 19 pages of its length.    While I was reading, I found it was hard to focus on what was going on because I was getting lost in all the action!

Character development and understanding the character motives is one of my favourite parts of reading. I think I would have enjoyed this story more if it were longer and I could have had the opportunity to connect with the characters. Upon first reason, I wasn’t really sure what the motivation was for anyone. Upon second reading, it becomes clearer, but I like being able to connect right away.  This is probably why I don’t generally read short stories!

Overall, this short story was well written and extremely creative.   I would recommend it to anyone looking for something completely different!

 Thank you to Elias Zanbaka who provided me with a digital copy of this story in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.


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