Book Review: Soulmates (Jessica Grose)


Dana, still partially reeling from her ex-husband’s (Ethan) infidelity, has been working on leaving her past behind. She hardly ever even thinks about Ethan…she sees his face on the front page of the New York Post. Ethan and his mistress were murdered. Dana takes it upon herself to play detective and tries to piece together the last few years of her estranged husband’s life. As she becomes more enlightened about Ethan, her perception begins to change and she finds her wrapped up situations she never expected…

Soulmates by Jessica Grose is a semi-satirical mystery novel that follows Dana as she searches for answers surrounding the death of Ethan, her estranged, yogi-loving husband. What begins as a typical “whodunit” type novel, slowly twists into something completely different. As Dana immerses herself into the investigation, going undercover in the “retreat” that Ethan was a yoga instructor, she realizes that something more disturbing has been happening at the retreat.

This novel was not what I was expecting at all. With that being said, it really sucked me in almost immediately.  I needed to know what was happening and as soon as the yoga retreat began to read like a religious cult, I was all about that. I find anything cult related fascinating.   I was amused by the satirical parts of the novel (the Lululemon-clad, wannabe yoga moms) and I was left intrigued by the darker tones of the novel discussing the “behind the scenes” at the retreat.

The novel is narrated by multiple perspectives; most often, the alternating perspectives by Dana (after Ethan’s murder) and Ethan (the time leading up to his murder). We also hear random perspectives from other third parties involved. These, I did not care for, I didn’t find it necessary.

Readers who want a true mystery or thriller will not enjoy reading this novel. It was not a true mystery/thriller in the sense that I didn’t find myself on the edge of my seat and I was able to guess the ending of the novel. However, with that being said this novel was a quick read, fast paced and kept my interest.


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