The “Authors I am Obsessed With” Series: Jodi Picoult



I am a Jodi Picoult addict.   I picked up one of her books years ago and became completely addicted.  I devoured all her published novels in the span of a month and then waited for her newest novel to be released.  She is one of my auto-buy authors.

Now some would say, how did Jodi Picoult end up on a blog dedicated to thriller, suspense and mystery novels.  A lot of people would disagree with me on this, but I tend to add Picoult’s novels to the thriller/suspense category.

Are they traditionally a thriller? No.

Are they a little sappy at times? Absolutely.

However, with the way that Picoult incorporates legal proceedings, police cases and the development of a courtroom drama has me grouping her novels into a legal suspense meets police procedural type of novel.  Her plots always contain twists and turns which, I feel, is one of the most important features in a suspense or thriller novel.  I am always, truly at the edge of my seat as I read and the end of the novel leaves me in shock.

Picoult is truly a gifted storyteller. She weaves a story and develops characters unlike any other author I have read. She usually incorporates a “hot topic” issue into her novels which are not only interesting but creates a moral dilemma for the reader as they try and unravel the story and decide how they feel about each issue. While I am reading, I find myself trying to process the story and process how I feel about the issue she is presenting.

In honour of her new novel, Small Great Things, which is releasing today, I figured I would do a round-up of all my favourite Jodi Picoult books.

The Storyteller

This novel, released in 2013, was absolutely breathtaking. I read this novel in one sitting, late into the night and felt all the feels. The novel follows Sage, a woman who works in a bakery, as she befriends an old man, Josef, who frequents the bakery. They strike a friendship and soon she finds out that he was an S.S officer who worked in a concentration camp during WWII. The catch? Sage’s grandmother was a Holocaust survivor who escaped the camp that Josef was a guard at.  This one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Pact

Lovebirds, Emily Gold and Chris Harte, have been a couple since they were little kids. One evening, the Gold’s and Harte’s receive a life changing call. Emily is dead. Chris is alive. A gun was found with them with a single bullet; a bullet Chris states was for him. Was it murder? A suicide pact? The novel is told as a mixture of flashbacks and a legal thriller as Chris’ case unfolds and the families find themselves ripped apart at the seams.

House Rules

Jacob, a teen with Asperger’s syndrome is accused of a vicious murder. His behaviours of Asperger’s seem like guilt to the police.   Another legal suspense novel, we follow a mother trying desperately to save her son, a lawyer caught between procedure and what exceptionalities a client are dealing with and the possibility that Jacob really could be a killer.

Nineteen Minutes

This novel circles around a school shooting. This novel is truly hard to put down. The story is told in present time, flashbacks and from all perspectives involved. We hear from the shooter, survivors, the judge sitting on the case and the police. In this small town, all the characters are intertwined and the aftermath of the shooting tears relationships apart. The twist at the end of this one is shocking.

Perfect Match

This novel had a plot twist so intense about three chapters in, I actually gasped out loud. It was fantastic. Centering on a female prosecutor whose life is shattered when she finds out her five-year-old son has been sexually abused. This novel focuses on lengths a mother will go to protect her child, no matter what the sacrifice may be.

I could truly go on and on about her novels. Each one is absolutely amazing. If you are on the fence about whether or not her novels as for you, I’d pick up one of these recommendations to start and I promise, you won’t be sorry!!

I cannot wait to read her new book.  Once I get my hands on it, you can be sure I’ll be sharing my thoughts!

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