Book Review: Listen to Me (Hannah Pittard)


Listen to Me, by Hannah Pittard, revolves around the marital issues between Maggie and Mark. Maggie is living in fear after finding herself the victim of a mugging. Mark is resentful of the fact that Maggie is different as she deals with her feelings surrounding her attack.

I found this novel shelved at Indigo under the heading “Books Similar to Gone Girl”.   So, naturally, since this claim always catches my eye, I was intrigued. I added this book to my TBR pile and was pretty excited to read it.  It’s a short read (only 191 pages) so I was expecting to fly through this book.

Was. I. Wrong.

Other then the fact that both novels have a married couple in them, I found no similarities between Listen to Me and Gone Girl.

To be truthful, I kept waiting for something to happen in this book to peak my interest and make me change my opinion but absolutely NOTHING happened in this book.  The novel opens with the beginning of the road trip  It is tense, but only because our main characters are struggling in their marriage.  The road trip continues.  Lights go out because of a storm.  They cannot find a hotel.  The road trip continues.  This is essentially the makeup of the entire plot.

I didn’t find anything about this novel suspenseful. This book has clearly been marketed incorrectly because there was nothing tense or thrilling about this book.

If you are looking for a novel analyzing a dysfunctional marriage then this may be something you’d be interested in. If you are looking for a thriller or a suspense? Don’t waste your time.



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