The “Authors I Am OBSESSED With” Series: Tess Gerritsen




Tess Gerritsen is, hands down, one of my auto-buy authors.   Personally, I feel like she is the queen of suspense thrillers!

She is an author that I have actually had to force myself to stop binge reading her books because I go through them so quickly and then am in a deep, inconsolable book depression once I am finished.  You know what I am talking about #bookwormproblems

I actually discovered Tess Gerritsen recently. In June, my aunt lent me one of the books from the Rizzoli and Isles series. It was the fourth in the series and I wasn’t fazed by this; I figured I’d start it, not be that into it and then give it back to her saying that I tried.

Was. I. Wrong.

In reality, I read the book in an afternoon.   I read it in one sitting. Then, I texted her in a panic because I needed more! And, with that, my obsession began!

What makes me so obsessed? Glad you asked. I have made a “David Letterman-esque” style list to break it down for ya’ll…..

  1. Her books are available. This may seem silly to some, but for me, this is one of my most favourite things about Tess Gerritsen.   She has been writing for a long time; her first book was published in 1987. One of the things I hate the most is when I find an author I love and then have to wait for them to publish something else! Gerritsen is seasoned and has lots of novels to choose from. If you haven’t read anything by her before- I recommend you start. IMMEDIATELY.
  1. The characters are amazing. Most of the characters in her novels are smart and witty; doctors, lawyers, police detectives. I have read many of her stand-alone novels and also have also read her Rizzoli and Isles series. Both types always leave me invested in the characters.   She also usually has a kick ass woman leading the way; you can’t go wrong with that!
  1. The plots. She is able to weave such a story. All the characters intertwine beautifully and the storylines are usually complex and layered. It is very rare that I am able to figure out the ending before I get to the end.
  1. Suspense. Her books keep me on the edge of my seat. They are the types of books that I sometimes find so intense that I have to take a break and pace around for a few minutes to calm myself down. Am I the only the one who has to do this?!
  1. Easy Reads. This is also something I find to be important; I hate when I find myself reading a book and it turns into a funk. I never have this problem with anything written by Gerritsen. I find her works to be similar to a “beach read” but better. She writes books that you can read easily; no complex jargon that you have to google later or things you need to triple check.
  1. The Rizzoli and Isles Series. The books in this series are my particular favourites from Gerritsen.   We follow a detective (Jane Rizzoli) and a medical examiner (Maura Isles) as they solve murders. The books in the series are written in a way, which you could enjoy them in order, or read them stand alone if you desired (trust me, you’ll want to read them all…I’m just saying). This series even sparked a popular television show.
  1. Storylines. She writes about so many various topics: cults, illegal organ harvesting, medical and laboratory testing (to a name a few). It is so much more than typical crime fiction.
  1. Multi-genre. It is really hard for me to categorize her work into a specific genre. Does she write Crime Fiction? Mystery? Suspense? Thriller? Romance Thriller? Yes. She writes them all and it ends up being combined in one novel.
  1.  Scare Factor. Her novels actually leave me feeling scared.  They are perfect for a fall read in my opinion!
  1. SHE IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW BOOK SOON! According to her Facebook page, which I frequent often, she is already finished another Rizzoli and Isles book. I am all about this.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading- something- anything by Tess Gerritsen.



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