Book Review: Second Life (S.J Watson)


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.23.02 AM

Meet Julia. Wife, mother, and (plot twist?) recovering addict. Julia is struggling with the shocking murder of her sister. Leaning on her sister’s roommate (Anna), she discovers a “second life” her sister was living on a Tinder-esque dating website for hookups. Intrigued, Julia creates a profile of her own to hunt down her sister’s killer and then, obviously, stuff gets out of hand.

S.J Watson’s second novel, published in 2015, is a psychological thriller told through Julia’s perspective. Julia, dealing with the loss of her sister, tries to hunt down the killer on her own by using an online “hook up” website to lure them out. She begins a relationship with a handsome younger man she meets on the site and, next thing you know, she is dealing with a full blown psychopath.  Many a lesson can be taken away from this novel. The main one being, stranger danger is real.

To be honest, I found the plot to be a bit slow moving but I really didn’t mind. I actually thought this style of narration was interesting because it really felt as if you were going through the situations with the character. I found myself avoiding my life’s obligations because I was so lost in the storyline (a shout out to my dishes who remained unwashed in the sink while I finished this book).

My favourite part of this book was truly how the plot played off the title of the book. Each character in the book lives some sort of second life and each of these get interwoven into a pretty fantastic plot.



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